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President, master sculptor and designer Randy Koufalis, has over 30 years experience in sculpting and design. He was born in Vancouver, British Columbia where he continues to reside. Randy blends old motifs and traditions with his own unique style to create both functional and decorative works of art.

Randy began his career by producing intricately detailed sculptures for use in the production of his many award winning, three-dimensional clay animated films. Much success with film festivals, children`s television series and feature films led Randy to create RK Productions.​

Fat Cat Animation Character.jpg

Over the years, as Randy`s interests and talents broadened,  RK Productions evolved into a company that produces a growing collection of beautifully hand made stone sculptures, plaques, wall ornaments, mirrors, candle holders and now the Urns and Keepsakes of The Everafter Collection™.

Clay House Animation.jpg
Randy with awards.jpg
Table top product shot.jpg



Many years ago, Randy had the pleasure of hiring an aspiring young artist to our team, Robbie Roberts.

Robbie has honed both his design and sculpting skills over all these years. Inspired by a love of architecture, design and sculpture, Robbie creates elaborately detailed sculptures, unsurpassed in quality and design. For over 20 years now, using his own aesthetic flair, Robbie skillfully creates original works of art exclusively for RK Productions.


His ability to create goes well beyond just sculpture, he also has over 5 years of product design education.

Determination and the need to be constantly challenged in the design process, has helped bring Robbie to where he is today, seeking art to honor lives. 

We take particular pride in the harmonious composition which characterizes Robbie`s amazing sculptural works.  Robbie`s work on The Everafter Collection™ has brought all his design talents together, Celebrating Life with Art™

Robbie on computer 2.jpg



Although Randy and Robbie are responsible for designing all the original sculptures, it is only because of our highly skilled and talented artisans, that our products come to life as you see them.

Under Randy`s supervision and training, each piece we produce is painstakingly created one at a time. 


Good design is only part of the success of our Everafter Collection, quality is of the utmost importance in all aspects of creating our Urns and Keepsakes, and really is the foundation to all the work that we do. 

Norene Close up painting Heart Urn CROP.
Close up Companion Painting22.jpg

Capturing the essence of each piece, can only be accomplished by hand painting, using proprietary glazes and specialized application techniques. We are very fortunate to have artisans that care so greatly about the work that they do.

Halloween 2021 non flat.jpg
The Everafter Collection™ provides a beautiful and dignified resting place for your loved one's cremated remains.
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