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Companion Urn Plaque Colour Match_edited.png
Measures: 4 w x 2h 
Lifestyle Companion Plaque and Stand Option 1.jpg

As an option to engrave on the urn, we have created a 4" w x 2" h curved stone plaque (EA5007) that can be engraved any time in the future and simply glued directly over the center framed area of the urn. This avoids having to re-ship the urn back and forth, for any future engraving requirements. 

EA5007-S Companion Plaque Stand Only_edited.png

An optional stand (EA5007-S) is also available to display the Companion Plaque if it is not to be attached to the urn immediately. A simple but effective way to place the engraved plaque in front or beside the urn. Available for purchase separately.

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