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Measures: 4.5” h x 4.5” 2.5” d
Weight: 2.5 lbs 
Volume: 2 cubic inches 
EA3005-E Sunrays Keepsake Lifestyle.jpg

Stunning.  One word cannot describe what we feel is one of our best designed keepsakes to date.  What a powerful image, found sculpted in such detail, embracing this amazingly powerful design. Comes pre-engraved with the artist’s own copyrighted quote “As the sun rays fall upon me, I feel you in my heart. Your light will always fill my soul, we’ll never be apart.”  How appropriate that this design also comes with a handmade soy based tealight candle.  It has a 1” stone threaded cap under the base. (Apply a small amount of clear silicone to the threads to permanently close

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