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Measures: 4” h x 2” d
Weight: 1 lbs 
Volume: 2 cubic inches 
EA3006-E Keepsake Seashell Lifestyle.jpg

For anyone who was blessed to have lived by the ocean, or was drawn to its magnificent power, this keepsake will hold a special place in their heart.  Comes pre-engraved with the quote “My memories of you will linger on, Long after your footprints in the sand are gone.” The sand and shell details found on the band around this keepsake are so remarkably real, one forgets these are an artist’s interpretation. Each of these amazingly detailed keepsakes, comes with a handmade soy based tealight candle. It has a 1” stone threaded cap under the base. (Apply a small amount of clear silicone to the threads to permanently close the cap

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