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EAP1002 Pet Heart Urn_edited.jpg
Measures: 6.75"w x 11"h x 6"d.
Weight: 14 lbs 
Volume: 210 cubic inches 
EAP1002 Heart Pet Urn Lifestyle_edited.jpg

This beautiful top-selling design of our Everafter Collection is carefully sculpted by the artist to capture the essence of an eternal Heart, cut and chiseled out of a solid slab of eternal slate. This Vessel is embellished with beautiful scrolls both on the front, the back, and the lid. A traditional and timeless work of art. The imagery, inspired by the symbolism found with small pawprints, features a pattern that subtly transforms into a series of ascending paw prints that also wrap onto the lid. Comes standard with paw prints engraved and the engraving “You left paw prints on our hearts” carved into the front panel, but personalization is also an option. Top loading and sealed with silicone.

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