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EAP2002 Heart Candle Pet Urn_edited.jpg
Measures: 4.5” w x 6.5“h x 4”d
Weight: 5 lbs 
Volume: 13 cubic inches 
EAP1002 Heart Candle Pet Urn Lifestyle.jpg

A beautiful smaller pet urn, that functions as a Candle Holder as well!  This stunning artistic concept embraces the memory of a lost pet. Hidden below a 3” base within the design, a small 13 cubic inch cavity is created. Large enough for a smaller dog or cat. A containment of cremated remains or a space to keep small dog tag or a lock of hair. Every time a candle is lit, your pet's life is remembered.  A beautiful work of art that compliments any interior. Can be permanently sealed with clear silicone. Top loading.

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