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Cross Keepsake EA3020-E

EA3020-E Cross Keepsake_edited.jpg
Measures: 4 3/4" w x 5 3/4" h x 1 1/2" d
Weight: 1 lbs
Volume: 1 cubic inches
Cross Keepsake on Wall.jpg

This beautiful three-dimensional keepsake cross, not only carries significant meaning but also feels very special when you hold it in your hand. What is very unique about this keepsake though, is the fact that it can both sit on a table and also be hung on a wall! There is a small 3/8" hole in the back top of the keepsake to allow it to hang on a screw or nail anywhere in your home.
The entire keepsake is created entirely of stone but has the look and feel of authentic reclaimed wood, complete with grain and dimension! The proverb of Joshua 1:9 is our standard engraving, but this urn is also available blank for you to choose what you may wish to embellish it with, such as other proverbs or family names and dates. Backloading. It has a 1” stone threaded cap in the center of the cross. (Apply a small amount of clear silicone to the threads to permanently close the cap.) 

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