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Cross Urn EA1010-E

EA1010-E Cross Urn1.jpg
Measures: 10.1/4"w x 11.5" h x 5 1/2"d
Weight: 16 lbs
Volume: 205 cubic inches
Cross Urn Sea Side.jpg

A first of its kind in the North American market, an actual three-dimensional Christian Cross with the look of natural wood, that can hold cremated remains. This urn is a stunning example of form and function coming together in a harmonious composition. The entire urn is created entirely of stone but has the look and feel of authentic reclaimed wood, complete with grain and dimension! The proverb of Joshua 1:9 is our standard engraving, but this urn is also available blank for you to choose what a family may wish to embellish it with, such as other proverbs or family names and dates. Owner and artist Randy Koufalis says "This was one of our most complex shapes to design and execute, finding a balance between the symbolism of the Christian Cross and the function of this shape as an urn was no simple task. In the end, we created a beautiful work of art, combining the necessary volume requirements as an urn and the historical significance of a cross." Loaded from the back..

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